• We Must Create Value For Our Clients

    Our first principle is to think about our clients’ need, to offer something of value, increasing our clients’ prosperity. Prosperity means financial gain, reduced stress, increased quality of life and happiness.

  • We Must Be Technology Centric

    We are a technology company. We create value for our clients using advanced technology like latest web and mobile technology, machine learning, IOT, and blockchain.

  • We Emphasize Diversity In Recruiting

    We encourage and embrace diversity. We believe that diversity in our staff is the key to delivering the best result for our clients.


We create software platforms that connects real estate investors and property managers, to eliminate cumbersome work, freeing our clients to focus on growing their business and to enjoy their life.

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AssetGenius product description


Company Name AssetGenius
Incorporation Date June 3rd 2013
Address AzabuinoeBuilding 7F, 1-7-11 Azabujuban
Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0045 JAPAN
Phone +81 3-6455-5962
Initial Capital ¥10,000,000
CEO Kosuke Honda