Announcing A New Company


Following the change of our company CEO in March 2018, we are pleased to announce that effective May 30th, 2018, our company name will change from Fukurou, Inc into AssetGenius, Inc. Along with the name change, we are also changing our company logo and slogan.

What is AssetGenius?

The new name “AssetGenius” reflects our commitment to our core strength in real estate business and software engineering.

Despite recent rapid advancement in technology and software development, the real estate industry in Japan is still largely a paper-based business. There are still a lot of manual processes that increased cost and reduced profits.

Our goal is to create a software platform that serves the community of real estate industry; helping real estate investors, real estate agents, and property managers. This platform must be “genius” which means it should be smart, capable of ironing out any inefficiencies, reduces errors such increases the asset’s profit.

The meaning of our new logo

Our new logo also reflects our overall goal. Our logo is the letter “a” and “g” in the shape of a glasses. Using a pair glasses, one can see clearly and finds things that were not detectable before. Our glasses here is the software. Using the power of smart software, our mission is to deliver superior returns for our client.